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is a people consultancy with a difference


Using our Signature Model, Approaches and Learning Pathways, we aim to add value, purpose and meaning in our partnership with you.

Our expertise is in the field of transforming individuals, teams & groups.


This transformation takes place by shifting mindsets; consciously developing emotional awareness, co-designing leadership pathways effective today and tomorrow; and increasing an appetite for change.


Our offerings include:

Thought Partnering (Signature Approach) & Consultancy, Coaching (specific focus in four areas: Leaders, She/Female Leadership, Professionals and People Managers), tailored Team and Leadership High Performing Programmes - which become active learning pathways.


They all have one thing in common:

How to move from doing just enough,

towards being more than enough.


Our approach is creative and innovative, always underpinned by current and proven theoretical frameworks to ensure learning is transferred into work and life. We provide strong foundations, so the learning is continuous.   

Meet Pheona

Pheona is the owner and founder of AmplifiU (trading as PCJ Associates Ltd). She has been working in Organisational Development for the past 25 years and has spanned the Private, Public and Third Sector.


Pheona’s clients have been wide ranging and many have developed long lasting relationships. She enjoys working in diverse and multicultural environments with complexity at their centre. She is comfortable working with the C-Suite through to First Line Managers and has crafted and delivered many different types of leadership interventions.  She works with individuals, teams (intact and matrix) and organisations seeking to bring change.  


In her coaching work she helps clients get clarity, build resilience, shift their mindset and get strategic about how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle objectives - all without having to sacrifice their health or happiness!  In her team work she is quickly able to identify what is required and translate into practical actions.  

"Experience has shown that working on the foundational aspects of the individual and/or team generates the greatest impact. What is their purpose? How are they working together? What is needed to embrace change? What tools/techniques are required for productive conflict? How can they be the agile team they need to be? Is there a gap in leading and managing people? What is human leadership in our VUCA world?"  These are just some of the questions that drive Pheona to get to the heart of what will make the biggest difference for her clients.

If we don’t know the final destination -

how will we know we have arrived?


Pheona has a pragmatic psychological approach to all her work which may include using different business and management models, theories, tools, techniques and psychometrics. All approaches are chosen in order to deepen understanding of any behaviours and mindsets that are supporting you or are getting in the way; increase your range of people skills BUT she will always focus on what is IT that will bring you the desired transformational change.

MA Psychological Coach, MSc Change Agency & Psychology, ICF AC

“Life is a series of small steps.  Let’s start the conversation; identify the growth mindset and behaviours required for success ... and together ... let’s enjoy the small steps. When we look back we will notice small steps that have made giant leaps


Pragmatic Psychology for Integrated Performance

Often Consultancies and/or Coaches offer a quick fix that sorts out the immediate problem, but the issue keeps re-emerging in the same or different formats.  Our approach is to help you leverage the change at the optimum point for meaningful and sustainable change. 

Over many years of experience we have developed Signature Models and Approaches to our work and we will use these to explore some of the following areas:

  • Purpose and core values (individual and/or team and/or organisational)

  • Motivation and understanding personal drivers

  • Inner confidence (moving away from fears or imposter syndrome into authentic, resilient, confident authority)

  • Relationships (empathy, how to understand and communicate effectively with others)

  • Energy management (understanding your energy, your unconscious communications and how to develop greater gravitas)

  • How to effectively bring change.

  • Develop AND implement AND embed ‘Strategies 4 Success’.


These are some of the key differences when working with

We avoid the concept of silver bullets.

Instead we build knowledge and understanding with practical application.


Where the conversation begins




Signature Model

                uses our Signature Model with our Thought Partners. This is a model that has been developed over the last 25 years or so working with numerous Executive and Senior Leaders.


Signature Approach


                uses our Signature Approach of:


with the following three individual categories:

  • People Leaders/Managers

  • She/Female Leadership

  • Professionals


Optimising Team Performance.

              works with Intact and Matrix Teams. We aim to strengthen and develop the team to achieve high performing status. We leverage the collective talents of each individual and in using our Signature Pathway, we tailor the intervention to achieve the results required by the business.

Leadership Pathways

               develop Leaders in their Signature Learning Programmes. These bespoke programmes are not one-off events where ‘training and/or facilitation’ takes place, which research has shown often returns a low return on investment. Instead these are learning pathways with high value propositions that result in transformed mindsets (fixed mindset to growth mindset), behaviours and actions that are integrated into their practice, adding immediate value to the business.


                     Supervising Coaches


               is passionate about Supervision and the impact this can have in the coaching profession.


Our work focuses on Coaches who are internal or external to organisations.


EMCC recently released some research findings (Sept 2020): which can be found on our Supervision page. However, the thrust of the research found - Supervision makes a difference to both the Coach, the Client, their business/organisation, and ultimately the Coaching professional as a whole.  All systems are impacted by supervision.


Let's be part of this movement and make the investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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