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Why do I need Supervision?

Supervision is a growing phenomenon within Coaching. In the clinical field, it has an accepted structure and understanding, but it is still being developed and clarified in the coaching field. I am asked many times - What is Supervision and how can I benefit from it? These are a great questions and I have provided some ideas as to what happens in Supervision on the link below.


However, a point of interest is to notice one of the shadows in coaching. We are encouraging others (our coachees) to grow, to develop, to embrace change and at times to take risks. And yet, many Coaches do not embrace these sentiments for themselves. It is surprising to see how many Coaches do not have a Supervisor, or who are not in a Peer Coaching Group or Peer Reflective Learning Group. It seems that many embark on a lengthy training programme and then stop receiving any further external input into their practice. And whilst Supervision is not the only way for a Coach to continue their growth, it is a sure and tested approach that works.


Recent research within the EMCC (Sept 2020) has found that the main work carried out between a Coach and their Supervisor is:
· Recognising their blind spots
· Exploring their beliefs/ prejudices which can distort observation
· Validating good practices and bringing challenge to any hypothesis
· Exploring and discussing ethical dilemmas
· Supporting any emotional identification with their coachee’s problem.


However, they also found that only 50% of coaches have a supervisor.

If this is the work carried out between a Coach and their Supervisor -

what is stopping us from ensuring we have regular Supervision?

Let's aim for 100% of Coaches in Supervision to ensure quality and outstanding practice in all aspects of coaching

Let’s embody our work.

What we do for others, we also do for ourselves.

We do not need to be alone-

even if we work alone.

yellow jacket in woods.jpg

I imagine that part of ‘what stops us’ engaging with Supervision - is the cost.  Whilst there is always a cost - I would ask that we reframe this and instead weigh up:


What is the added value of engaging with Supervision?

We are paid for the services we provide as a Coach and hopefully we are paid in the way that reflects the value we add. This principle needs to be also true for our own development. Whilst we will pay (and at times large amounts of money) for maybe a new tool, new understanding of a theory or to be accredited to use a psychometric application, we seem to be reluctant to pay to look after ourselves - self-care, self-compassion, integrated wellness.

My urge to you is that not only do we need to keep up-skilling and raising the standards of Coaching by what we do - we also need to keep ourselves healthy and well in order to be the best Coach we can be. Our integrated wellbeing is as important as the tools and techniques we use.

If you take this challenge further - please find a Supervisor that is the right fit for you - just as we would say in coaching - having the right connection with your Supervisor is vital. Each Supervisor will have a different approach which will reflect their style.

We cannot work when we are running on empty.

With developing compassion for self and others, let's enjoy 'walking the talk'.  

Taking care of you, being resourced to support, challenge and encourage others.  

Live as you are coaching others to live.

“Who you are is how you coach, supervise or work”.  -Edna Murdoch, Coaching Supervision Academy

What is it like working with Pheona?

My purpose in supervision is to hold the space for you and for us to engage in reflective and creative conversations that will keep you at the forefront of your profession.


Empathetically I will seek to sharpen your practice, challenge thinking and/or behaviours and be your advocate in all our discussions.


My goal is for you to know who you are and how this knowledge informs your coaching, mentoring and/or supervision.


I am consistently exploring and enquiring into new areas of development.  I will bring to our sessions, latest thinking, latest development and latest challenge to ensure we are kept at the ‘learning edge’ of our field.

Some recent comments from Pheona's Supervisees:

How has supervision informed your coaching practice?

Supervision has provided an important safe space for reflection. This in turn has enabled me to explore who I am as a coach. I believe my practice is becoming more authentic.  

H Dodd January 2021

How did Pheona’s approach support your practice?

Excellent rapport, understanding and ability to reflect back both on verbal and body language. Helped me take a bigger picture view and question what I wanted from my practice. I enjoyed being supported and understood.  Almost as if I had someone on my side as opposed to always feeling I am battling.  A place to relax and be myself.  

                                                                                                  M Clarke April 2021

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