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Work would be easy without managing people!

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We have heard the saying ‘a great sales person does not equate to a great sales manager’. Many People Leaders have been put into positions of people leadership because they are expert in their role - but their expertise is not necessarily in managing, building a team and/or developing people - all of which is expected when becoming a People Leader. This can result in many challenges, one of which is stress.  The environment is not often conducive to voicing these concerns.
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“Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”   — often attributed to Viktor Frankl

Introducing our Signature Pathway for People Leaders

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This Pathway builds on our Signature Approach


Is a pathway to success

Our experience has shown it is important to create space to Pause and Reflect before taking any action - but we like to do ‘something’.  However, what we are ‘doing’ may not actually be the right thing to do or make the changes required!


Take the time to identify 'What are the actions that will leverage success?'

We have a process for each of these stages that will help you to examine the foundations, make the necessary adjustments and propel you forward to Move into the actions that will make the difference.


The key message here:  Avoid the habit of just doing ‘something’, realise you are not doing the ‘something’ that makes the difference; circle back and jump into doing ‘something’ again.  Instead take the optimum time to explore the foundations; Pause and Reflect; get your actions right - the first time round - Move into the right action.

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