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Accelerate your leadership

Why are Leadership 
Programmes hit & miss?

So many leadership programmes have the right intentions, cover the right subjects and offer a group experience. So why don’t they reap the benefits they should? Why do they still fall short in developing leaders in the way they want to be developed? Or even more importantly in the way they need to be developed?

Here are some comments Leaders have shared with me about leadership programmes they have been on:


Training (or facilitation) does not appeal to my style of learning.


I don’t like being in front of a group and having to try and make sense of the presented materials.


I find it difficult to make the link between the theory and the reality in my organisation.

It costs a lot in terms of time and money. I am not sure it brings value, unless I am completing a ‘known and popular’ leadership programme which provides me with a ‘badge of honour’. Although, if I am honest, it seems I am paying for the badge rather than enhancing my leadership.


The forced and often challenging group interactions can hinder my learning rather than support my learning.

I often come away from a session having enjoyed the day but recognise I will need to put in even more time to translate the learning into my actual job. I just don’t have time for this.

So what is the answer?

More of the same and hope it improves group learning?

Or maybe we need to rethink the approach …

Learning and Leadership are indispensable to each other.  — John F. Kennedy

Agile tailoring to your needs.

                      have developed a Signature Leadership Learning Pathway which is based on agile principles. We take time at the beginning to ensure we are heading in the right direction by asking a series of questions. We want to know the required Leadership attitudes, behaviours and actions to meet the needs of the business. This is further explored with all relevant and identified stakeholders to ensure optimal buy-in. Engagement is sought and expected throughout the programme as any adjustments to subjects, methods or focus is determined from these and other discussions. It needs to still be fit for purpose when the programme comes to a conclusion.

From the information gleaned, we build a bespoke programme which is run for up to 6 individuals. One of the reasons we have small groups is to avoid all the points mentioned above which detract and undermine learning, but there are others which we are happy to share with you. We seek to create a free flowing exchange of ideas that will enhance, empower and enrich all those taking part to be the exemplary Leader they want to be. Our programmes cover the subjects required, focus on interactive learning experiences using appropriate models, theories and latest thinking, we engineer tailored conversations; and engage in group coaching. At every point we are ensuring the work we are focused on is agile and fit for purpose - if the business needs change - then so does our Leadership Programme. We are not stuck with the original content or approach, part of our Signature is our agility and flexibility to ensure value for the time and money invested.


What worked before, may not work today. Business needs are forever changing - is your Leadership Programme changing with those needs?


If you keep applying the same methods of development - the gap between you and your competitors will keep growing.

Let's get ahead of the game.

Using our Signature Pathway, we will tailor and equip your leaders today to ensure success. 

How can this be value for money only putting a small number through a Leadership Programme?

Yellow boat amongst blue boats.jpg

Often it is stated that ‘economies of scale’ will yield results. Whilst this view does hold merit - it cannot be applied to every situation - which is what has happened in the past. Each Leadership Programme that is designed with the ‘mass market’ in mind, does not factor in creative and agile leadership. Instead it holds a presupposition that ‘ enough of the content will be worthwhile’ and are content to hold cohorts of between 15-25 knowing that part of the content will not be of value. Is that good enough for your business? People say that the most important point when paying for something is not that it is cheap - BUT that it has a significant return on investment.

It is also useful to note that training programme are different from facilitated programmes; and facilitated programmes are yet again different from agile leadership programmes.


At                     we offer the latter. We are seeking to bring a change in mindset, in behaviours and in actions - otherwise what is the point?


Evaluation of these changes are often difficult to determine and the model that is often used is Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model. This model has four levels: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results. Whilst recognising there are limitations with this model, just as there are with all models, our aim is to reach the Kirkpatrick Level 4 of change - let’s see the results.

This is why we believe there is value in putting your talented,

key leaders into this kind of a programme.

We will work with you, tailor to the specific individuals within your business to ensure you get the leaders you need for continued success.

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