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Lonely at the top?

What internal sources are you operating from?

What story are you telling yourself ?  

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When we have a positive story -

it empowers us.

When we have a limiting story -

it becomes self-limiting.

Address your internal story -

or you will get stuck.

"Success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener." Bill O'Brien

There are numerous books written stating what leaders do and how they should do it, but there are very few books exploring - What is the inner source of the Leader?  How are they supporting/developing themselves in order to support and develop others?  Otto Scharmer calls this 'The blind spot in leadership'. In order to effectively lead others by example, you need to be living that example - are you?


Another part of the internal dialogue is storytelling.  We all have stories running throughout our lives. Whilst this can be a powerful way of communicating and drawing people together, it can also be self-limiting and restricting. What creates the difference? Depends on the story being told!

Over the years, I have worked with many senior leaders and am interested in the stories they tell themselves and/or are telling others. Their stories have a significant impact on the people they lead and ultimately on the culture of an organisation.

During recent conversations, here are some examples of their statements, followed by the stories they were telling themselves:

These statements offer clear challenges. However, if you fail to recognise the stories behind the statements, you will perpetuate the same thinking and behaviours and ultimately the same results. 

The question arises:

"Where do you go to explore and challenge your stories without assessment, judgement or reaction?”

And with this question, an additional question emerges, which can be less easy to own:

"What condition is my internal system recognising it is from here all my decisions are made?"


“If you have tuned out of your own emotions, you will be poor at reading them in other people.”  — Daniel Goleman, Author & Journalist

Introducing our Signature Model ...

Thought Partner Signature Model

I created this Signature Model as a result of the varied work I and others have completed with leaders across different organisations, sectors and countries.

Whilst each of these disciplines are powerful in their own right such as coaching, mentoring etc., on their own they didn’t quite fit the needs of the leaders who were working with me.


Thus the conundrum of 'What exactly was it that AmplifiU would offer?' And the response - the Thought Partner Signature Model.


One size no longer fits anyone!


The Thought Partner Signature Model maps the territory for Executive and Senior Leaders and helps to distinguish the offering of AmplifiU. I draw together all these different disciplines and more, focus on different identity drivers and more, recognise the influences of different eco-systems and more and explore why it is important to always be open to the phrase ‘and more’!

We live in a VUCA world and in order to survive we need to evolve our leadership, to be agile, to be authentic, to be integrated in our wellbeing and to be resilient in a way that is sustainable.


The old style of leadership is no longer enough. With the emerging ‘new ways of working’ there are also ‘new ways of leading’ that need to be identified, adopted and embraced.


Surviving or Thriving?

Which choice are you making?

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