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team performance

How do we harness the power of the team?

How do we drive teams to the needed level of high performance?

How do we succeed with a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) landscape?

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During these challenging days the need for strong, resilient and agile teams has never been more in demand.

For teams to really step up in this ever changing environment, they need to be performing at their optimum levels. So much more is being demanded from teams and for many the emotional bank account (Stephen Covey) is dry.


How do we:

  • Build and sustain trust in an ever changing environment?

  • Adjust globally to a new working pattern?

  • Deliver more with less?

  • Ensure even greater connections with one another?.

These statements lead us to recognise ‘the Challenge is real’. But how about reframing this response into :- ‘The Opportunity is real’

“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” - Nicholas Sparks

Team Signature Pathway

Senior Leadership Teams

Working with many Senior teams over the years we have found paying attention to the foundations is vital to the overall resilience and performance of the team and ultimately the business. Teams with an agile mindset, a cornerstone of trust and directed sense of purpose generate greater opportunity for high performance.

We have taken our experience and built a simple Signature Pathway. This is a tried and tested Pathway which always results in teams being able to move more effectively to high performing. Often senior teams are quick to act but this can be acting independently rather than collaboratively.  'How' they move to action is becoming just as important as the outcome achieved.

This pathway helps senior leaders momentarily suspend their pace, understand the culture their leadership style is enabling and reflect on fundamental questions: Why? (this connects to their unique purpose.) What? (this connects to what is being built and ultimately their legacy? How? (this connects to ways of working, the culture which is both explicit and implicitly communicated).


This work, again has been borne from many interactions with different teams at different levels in business.  Based on the work of John Adair (Action Centred Leadership) we focus on: Self, Team and the Work.

This approach enables the team to identify their individual strengths and purpose, and their collective strengths and purpose. We explore expectations, the Trust Factor within the team, the leadership voice and their unique contribution to the business. This sounds obvious but it is surprising how many teams miss some of these important elements.


For example some teams believe their role or team function determines their purpose and uniqueness. If we follow this assumption through - it would result in all teams with those roles and that function would be working in the same way. But we know this is not the case. 

Recognising there are multiple and complex systems  influencing each of these elements, individually and systemically  

Is it time for a reset?

Why wait?

Get the team ready so you can get the job done.

Reset and take stock.  You may need to pause, but the speed at which you will move as a result, will be worth it. 

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