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More than just the launch of a business

2020 brought many challenges and opportunities, which were personal, national and global! Suddenly we could see how our world really is connected by experiencing the impact of what happens in one part of the world in another.

It was during this time my work suddenly came to a halt.

The amazing international leadership programmes that were lined up, the ongoing coaching work, the embedding of different behaviours in senior leadership teams and people leaders - suddenly came to an abrupt stop. Crisis and survival became the focus of my clients and their businesses. It also became the focus for me and my business.

My work largely continued in a pro-bono capacity, helping and supporting the clients who had supported me. Trying to come to terms with working from home or remotely and how to support these ways of working for individuals and teams. There seemed to be a sense that we were all pulling in one direction which gives a warm feeling of ‘we are in it together’ but it also became clear that this was not really the case. Whilst some were thriving, others were not.

The future suddenly looked uncertain in a way I had never experienced before.

I am a seasoned freelancer having lived with feast and famine for over 25 years – but this seemed different. My first thoughts - it will be Autumn 2020 before my work would return – little did I know that it would probably be mid-2021 before any sense of agile normality might return.

However, during Spring 2020, I, and it seemed many of my colleagues, found our services needed to adapt. Those working in the virtual space saw their business start to soar and those more comfortable ‘facilitating in a room’ started to waiver. I was in the second category and was definitely on unfamiliar territory.

Adjustments were required - the world has tilted. Which raised the question:

"What do I need to do in order to tilt with the world – or do I choose to do something different?"

I didn’t want to just make adjustments! Actually, I wasn't sure how to. I didn’t want to add to the sudden waves of noise on social media! I wanted to be sure I am still adding value and purpose and if not, what else do I want to do (or can I do!).

Suddenly all my strengths, skills and experience were being pulled together, woven into a tapestry of what I do, how I do it and why I do it. I am now able to say "These are my Signatures and I know they work."

I had to amplify me, to create AmplifiU.


Are you ready to amplify you?

Get in contact today for a complimentary discussion to explore:

  • Your learning opportunities...

  • What we can do to meet those...

  • Outline a roadmap to success!

Let's start the conversation today!


Pheona Croom-Johnson, MSc, MA, CIPD. Member of the ICF, IoC and AC.

She has over 25 years’ experience in global executive coaching, supervision and organisational development. Pheona is known for her creative style using a variety of business and psychological approaches to achieve the desired/needed change in mindset, behaviours and actions.

To know more - reach out to:

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